The weirdest broadcast ever

In my 8 seasons of broadcasting football, I’ve never quite had an experience like we had Friday night.

We went on the road to Holly Springs. A 2 hour and 15 minute drive for us.
This would be the first home game of the season for Holly Springs. Because of a ruling by their mayor, the team was not allowed to play any home games this season. However, during a recent city meeting, aldermen overturned the mayor’s ruling and allowed the team to play.

So, this was already going to be a crazy game even before Friday ever got here.
But, I enjoy a good road trip to a broadcast, because windshield time with our crew is always entertaining.

Now the facility at Holly Springs isn’t the best when it comes to accommodating visiting broadcasters. It’s at a city park and there just isn’t any room for more than a handful of people in the press box.

Well, while doing my research,  I saw the visitor’s side had a parking lot that was on a hill overlooking the field. I decided that would be the best place for us to set up because we’d have a decent view and could spread out.

But also, if you know me, you know I have to add a little flash to most things I do. And if I was going to broadcast from a parking lot, we were going to turn it into a tailgate party.

So in addition to our broadcast equipment, we brought snacks (homemade Chex mix and boiled peanuts courtesy of Momma Riley), a cooler full of drinks, some decor for our table (helmet and burlap), and a generator.

We are the first people at the stadium (something I like to pride myself on), and we notice that the set up was a bit worst than we thought, but not for us.
Our spot was just as I had scouted. However, the field is in very bad condition.

And by very bad condition, I mean it was FULL of ant beds.

Remember, this is the first game Holly Springs has hosted this season. So ants had taken the field as their’s during the off season. Someone attempted to put some poison on each ant bed, but it looks like that was done about 2 hours before we got there.

Luckily, we never saw any players have a run in with the ants.

So yes, broadcasting from a parking lot…for a game that was on a field full of ants….while have to use a cell phone flash light to read our stats and rosters….is a night that will be hard for the remainder of my broadcast career to top.

Highlights of the night: 

  • First things first, we have to say a HUGE thank you to Jay Price and Kosciusko Auto Parts for donating the generator for us to use. There is NO way we would have been able to get the video stream online had it not been for having that generator. So thank you Jay.
  • Former Whippet Bobo Miller was at the game last night. It was great seeing him. He plays for Ole Miss now and with the Rebels playing at home Saturday, he and another football player made the short trip over. He told me that he’s been moved to defense, so look for him the next time you watch the Rebels on TV.
  • On the field, it was a great performance for the Whippets. That defense continues to impress. Holly Springs did not get a first down until the 5:30 mark of the 3rd quarter. The offense had another great game, finding the endzone 6 times on the night.



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  1. For sure an odd venue, yet in a positive light they had the best restrooms of any road game. Our guys had a great meal at Grenada lake outdoors which broke up the ride.
    Thanks to the booster club, Churche’s Chicken and Coach Moore’s scouting for a great pre game meal experience.
    These young face adversity on road trips before playing a single down and God showed favor on us Friday night.
    This year Kosciusko has found their stride even while facing Covid-19.
    Hats off to our coaches, AD Willbanks, fans( the best) and Mr Coates who comes to every game. Leadership starts at the top and Kosciusko is blessed to have so much to thank God for in these troubled times.
    My name is Dougie de and I approved this blog🤣👍🙏❤

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