Football takes a backseat

Have you ever been in a stadium that was full of people, but was silent?
That was the scene Friday night in Kosciusko during a 40-minute injury delay.

Football is a tough sport and we’ve all seen our fair share of injuries on the field, but when the stadium is silent and an ambulance drives onto the field, it puts things in perspective.

Now I know most of the kids on the team just from covering the team as much as I do, but the player that was injured Friday night, I knew better than most.

Big Mike used to frequent our weekly basketball game at a local church. And since he and I are usually two of the biggest guys on the court, we often played opposite each other.

Now I’m not a good basketball player by any means, but I can hold my own under the goal and use some leg strength to hold my ground and grab rebounds. But not against Mike.

Every time we play, he pushed me all over the court.

Now I still talked trash. Would never let him know I had no chance of stopping him.  He’d just smile….and keep scoring.

Mike is a good kid and I wish him a speedy recovery.

Highlights of the night:

  • Man, it was fun watching this team finally put it all together. The offense has SOOO many playmakers on the field and this defense is one of the best I’ve seen in my 8 years broadcasting games. This team will be fun to watch downt the stretch.
  • Was happy that Coach Orr got a win over his alma mater. Coaching against a school you went to or from the town you grew up in is kinda like competing against your little brother: You better win or you’re gonna hear about it at every dinner, holiday, or family get together. I guess Coach Orr will be enjoying Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.
  • When I found out it was a blackout night, prior to the game, I hurried back to the radio station to add Ciara’s version of “Paint it Black” to the stadium playlist. Judging from the team’s performance, I’d say it’s a keeper.

2 Replies to “Football takes a backseat”

  1. For the few of us not in the inner circle of things can you somehow get us word on what type of home game “attire” it is. Some of us are obsessive and want to show support in any way possible even if We can’t be there. Could also be a great Game Day picture thing. …

  2. Agreed, Big Mike is a good guy and his character I believe was a factor in the game. He is beloved by his teammates and that may have served as a catalyst. Not just for Friday but possibly into finishing this season. Great call for you both.
    “I see a red door and I want to paint it Black”

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