Football is back! It’s different, but it’s back!

I was FINALLY able to get back to the booth last night for a football broadcast. I was just running the camera for a video stream, but it was still a return to some semblance of normalcy.

We were in Madden for Winston Academy vs Leake Academy. Per state orders, each football player, cheerleader, etc. only go two tickets to give out to parents/family. So, the stands weren’t very full, which made for an interesting experience.  You could hear EVERYTHING that was said on the field. From coaches screaming at refs to players talking to each other, it was very different.

But the broadcast went as well as it could have for our first one since March. No major problems and the folks at Leake Academy were very gracious that we were able to stream the game since many of the fans couldn’t attend.

All in all, it was a fun time and I’m so glad to be back doing what I love.

Highlights of the night:

  • Working with Melvin Wooten. He began his 18th year broadcasting for Leake Academy last night. In all the years I’ve been at the station, Melvin and I had never worked a game together, so that was a treat.
  • Leake Academy has a good team. They dominated the game from start to finish. Welch is a hoss at RB. He looked like Mike Alstott running over folks.
  • Funny story: Remember how I said we could hear EVERYTHING that was said on the field? Well that includes hearing a player for Leake after he took a shot in his…uh…”business.” He comes to the sideline in visible pain. A coach yells something at him and EVERYONE in the stands hears him respond with “NAH, COACH I WANT TO HAVE KIDS SOME DAY.” Laughter ensued.

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